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Adelaide Forecast
Issued at 5:20 am CDT on Sunday 19 November 2017
Saturday 25 November Partly cloudy.

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Satellite Image
Satellite as at Sunday 19 November 2017 0:30 UTC
(Source: Bureau of Meterolology)

Synoptic Chart

(Source: Bureau of Meterolology)

Thermal Heights
Thermal Heights Map

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Adelaide Temp Trace Temp Trace Thermal Height

Temp Trace Graph

(Source: Bureau of Meteorology & Mark Newton)

Stonefield Temperature

Temperature chart

(Source: Falling Rain Genomics Inc)

Stonefield Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover chart

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Stonefield Rain

Precipitation chart

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Weather Forecast
Weather Report - Conditions for Stonefield, as at Sun, 19 Nov 2017 10:30 AM ACDT
Currently 22C
High 28C
Low 14C

Sun Mostly Sunny
High: 28C Low: 14C
Mon Breezy
High: 30C Low: 20C
Tue Mostly Sunny
High: 31C Low: 21C
Wed Partly Cloudy
High: 30C Low: 21C
Thu Mostly Cloudy
High: 21C Low: 16C
Fri Partly Cloudy
High: 21C Low: 13C
Sat Cloudy
High: 21C Low: 13C
More Current Condition Details
High 28C
Low 14C
Wind Chill 73C
Wind Speed 35.40 kph
Wind Direction 68
Sunrise 5:59 am
Sunset 8:1 pm
Latitude -34.366699
Longitude 139.283295

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