The ASK-13 is one of the most popular two seat trainers around. Designed by Rudolph Kaiser. It is used world wide and tens of thousands of pilots have had their first solo in this type. It is a two-place tandem trainer has a fabric covered steel tube fuselage with wood stringers and fiberglass nose, wood/ fabric wings and tail. The mid-wing design and one piece canopy make for excellent pilot visibility. The landing wheel is fixed and sprung with rubber cones, and the aircraft is fitted with airbrakes. The club opns two of this type of aircraft

Span: 16 m
Wing area: 17.5 m²
Aspect ratio: 14.6
Empty weight: 290 kg
Max all-up weight: 480 kg

VNE: 109 kt
Max rough air: 81 kt
Max winch: 58 kt
Max aerotow: 81 kt

Minimum sink: 1.57 kt
Best L/D: 27 at 49 kt

Schleicher Ka-8 :: VH-GQU VH-GQW

This is the club's initial single seater. It is a simple single-place sailplane with dive brakes. Emphasis was on rugged construction, good climbing ability in thermals and good handling characteristics. Karl Striedeck of the U.S. made a 767.0 km./ 476.6 miles ridge flight in a Ka-8B to win the world out and return in 1968. The club owns two of this type of aircraft.

Span: 15.0 m
Length: 7m
Height: 1.57 m
Wing area: 14.21 m²
Aspect ratio: 15.9
Max all-up weight: 310 kg

VNE: 102 kt
Max rough air: 108 kt
Max manoeuvring: 68 kt
Max winch: 51 kt
Max aerotow: 68 kt

Minimum sink: 1.24 kt at 33 kt
Best L/D: 27:1 at 39 kt


The Pik-20D is the high-performance glider in the fleet. Equipped with camber-changing flaps, it is capable of flights in excess of 500 km. This glider has represented the club at the National Club Class Championships finishing 6th on one day and in the top 12 most days. It has also represented Slovenia in the World Club Class Championships held January 2001 at Gawler, where we were shown just how fast it could go!

Span: 15.0 m
Length: 6.43 m
Height: 1.34 m
Wing area: 10.0 m²
Aspect ratio: 22.5
Empty weight: 256 kg
Max all-up weight: 450 kg

VNE: 158 kt
Max water ballast: 140 kg
Max tow release load: 500kg

Minimum sink (310 kg): 1.2 kt at 42 kt
Best L/D: 38.8:1 at 51 kt

SF-25C Motorfalke :: VH-FQW
The club's two-seater powered glider, purchased in 2003. It is similar to the ASK-13 in that it is constructed of steel tube and fabric with wooden wings, but it also has a small motor and propeller. This allows it to launch without the aid of a winch or tow-plane and, if necessary, to stay up when there are no thermals or other lift. The Motor Falke can offer extended training flights on days where there is insufficient lift - an advantage which couldn't previously be offered to trainee pilots at the club. It is also great for general recreational flying, with flight distances not being limited by soaring conditions.

Span: 15 m
Engine: 60 hp
Empty weight: 400 kg
Max all-up weight: 610 kg

VNE: 102 kt
Max rough air: 81 kt
Max cockpit weight: 180 kg
Min cockpit weight: 60 kg

Minimum sink: 2 kt at 41 kt
Best L/D: 22:1 at 48 kt

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