For legal reasons, some aircraft manuals are only available to members who have logged on. Aircraft manuals are provided solely for the use of the pilot of an aircraft of the type identified in the manual which is owned or operated by the Adelaide University Gliding Club Inc. It is the pilot's responsibility to ensure that the manual is the correct manual for the aircraft and is current and up to date.
Aircraft/Winch/Technical Manuals
Document Description / Comments Type / Size
Aircraft Tyre Installation Checklist for proper installation of aircraft tyre tubes PDF (11Kb)
Cambridge Aero Instruments L-NAV Glide Computer Version 5.8 Kindly provided by Bicester Aviation Services ( PDF (135Kb)
Glider Trailer Design Handbook to assist with the maintaining and building of trailers PDF (101Kb)
Janus B flight and service manual PDF (3.21Mb)
OzFlarm Installation Manual PDF (624Kb)
PIK 20D Aircraft Manual PDF (1.65Mb)
SF-25C Motorfalke - Engine manual PDF (2.11Mb)
SF-25C Motorfalke - Propeller manual PDF (2.22Mb)
TOST winch operating instructions DOC (44Kb)
Winch Manual Issue 3 PDF (407Kb)
Forms & Paperwork
Document Description / Comments Type / Size
Annual Check Flight form PDF (76Kb)
Chubb Personal Injury Claim Form Out-of-pocket expenses resulting from an airfield injury can be claimed back under the University's insurance policy. PDF (22Kb)
GFA introductory membership form made available online for AEFs and trainees under 18 whose parent/guardian won't be available on the airfield to sign for them. The signature requires a witness. We cannot accept this form unless both signature parts are filled in. PDF (685Kb)
Medical Declaration Form All pilots that do not possess a CASA Medical Certificate or a private motor vehicle driver?s licence medical certificate must complete this declaration annually and send it to the CFI. This applies to both trainees and solo pilots. Instructors cannot use PDF (89Kb)
Receipt reimbursement form PDF (23Kb)
General Documents
Document Description / Comments Type / Size
Aerodrome Chart Chart of aerodrome layout, facilities and other information PDF (614Kb)
AUGC Constitution effective 27th Feb 2006 PDF (137Kb)
Flinders Flight Sheet Flight sheet used during our annual camp to the Flinders Ranges PDF (27Kb)
Motorfalke Flight Sheet PDF (27Kb)
South Australian Road Traffic Act Exemption for Glider Trailers must be carried in any glider trailer with a rear overhang of more than 3.7m PDF (9Kb)
Standard Flight Sheet PDF (26Kb)
Standard Flight Sheet- Example Shows you how to fill in a flight sheet. PDF (47Kb)
Stonefield Aviation Association Constitution PDF (50Kb)
Document Description / Comments Type / Size
1990 Annual Report PDF (612Kb)
1991 Annual Report PDF (434Kb)
1992 Annual Report PDF (436Kb)
1993 Annual Report PDF (416Kb)
1994 Annual Report PDF (505Kb)
1995 Annual Report PDF (3.12Mb)
1998 Annual Report PDF (338Kb)
1999 Treasurer's Report PDF (150Kb)
2000 Annual Report PDF (828Kb)
2001 Annual Report PDF (183Kb)
2007 Annual Report PDF (127Kb)
2008 Annual Report PDF (74Kb)
2010 Annual Report PDF (39Kb)
2011 Airworthiness Report PDF (74Kb)
2011 President's Report PDF (78Kb)
2014 03 GM Minutes General Meeting Minutes March 2014 PDF (31Kb)
2016 07 Exec Minutes 2016 July Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (46Kb)
2017 03 Exec Minutes 2017 Mar Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (49Kb)
2017 05 Exec Minutes 2017 May Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (43Kb)
2017 06 Exec Minutes 2017 June Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (58Kb)
2017 07 Exec Minutes 2017 July Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (51Kb)
2017 08 Exec Minutes 2017 August Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (53Kb)
2017 09 Exec Minutes 2017 Sept Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (44Kb)
2017 09 SGM Minutes 2017 Sept SGM Minutes PDF (41Kb)
2017 11 Exec Minutes 2017 Nov Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (44Kb)
2017 12 Exec Minutes 2017 Dec Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (47Kb)
2017 AGM Minutes 2017 AGM Minutes PDF (45Kb)
2017 AGM Minutes Minutes from the 2017 Annual General Meeting PDF (45Kb)
2017 President's Report PDF (74Kb)
2018 01 Exec Minutes 2018 Jan Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (51Kb)
2018 02 Exec Minutes 2018 Feb Exec Meeting Minutes PDF (54Kb)
Fleet Weekly Report PDF (13Kb)
Document Description / Comments Type / Size
Aircraft Familiarity GFA Operational Safety Bulletin 1-06 HTM (27Kb)
Collision Avoidance Processes for Sport and Recreational Aviation PDF (264Kb)
Flinders Ranges Camp Briefing Notes 2013 PDF (2.36Mb)
Joint Operating Principles Covers simultaneous operations by 2 or more organisations at Stonefield. Published 30 December 2012. DOC (30Kb)
Lookout for Glider Pilots Operational Safety Bulletin 2/12 PDF (62Kb)
Safety Management System AUGC\BVGC SMS Version 1.1 current as at January 2014 PDF (2.50Mb)
Document Description / Comments Type / Size
Basic Gliding Knowledge Issue 6 current as at August 2013 PDF (4.35Mb)
High performance sailplane endorsement questionnaire PDF (190Kb)
Janus B conversion signoff sheet PDF (59Kb)
Requirements and exam questions for A, B and C certificates PDF (25Kb)
Training Book v2.8 AUGC Pilot Training Book v2.8 October 2014 PDF (2.00Mb)
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